Founding and Honored Members

Founding Members

The Board of Editors in the Life Sciences was founded in 1991 by 10 editors who had long been active in national and international professional associations in scientific editing and publishing.

Martha H. Brookes, MS, ELS(D)
Gillian Fansler Brown, PhD, ELS(D)
Gil Croome, MSc(F), ELS(D)
Susan Eastwood, ELS(D)
Norman Grossblatt, ELS(D)
Carol Kakalec Kohn, ELS(D)
Walter J. Pagel, ELS(D)
Frances H. Porcher, MA, ELS(D)
Barbara B. Reitt, PhD, ELS(D)
Martha M. Tacker, PhD, ELS(D)

Honored Members

Honored membership is awarded from time to time by the majority vote of the members of the BELS Board of Directors to persons who in the judgment of the Board have distinguished themselves in the field of life sciences editing. The honored member may use the abbreviation "ELS(H)" after his or her name.

Barbara Gastel, MD, ELS(H), 2006
Edith Schwager, ELS(H), 2003
Edward J. Huth, MD, ELS(H), 1996
Maeve OConnor, ELS(H), 1992