2016 President-Elect Call for Nominations

Dear BELS Members,

This is an exciting time at BELS, as we transition to working with an association management service and turn our energies to developing new ways to engage and serve our members.

Would you like to be an integral part of shaping the future of BELS? Do you know someone who would? Then send us your nominations for President-Elect!

The nominee must be a supporting member of BELS and willing to fulfill the duties of the office (read all about those below).

To submit a nomination, please complete the attached form and return it no later than February 15, 2016, to Naomi Ruff, Councilor for Nominations and Elections, at [email protected].

Questions? Please contact Naomi at [email protected].com or 218-724-3826.

What the office entails

The term begins at the annual meeting of the BELS membership. For 2016, this will take place in association with the Council of Science Editors (CSE) meeting, which will be held May 14-17 in Denver, Colorado.

During the first year, the President-Elect assists the current President and gains experience in the activities of BELS. This is in preparation to step into the role of President for the next 2 years, followed by an additional year as Immediate Past President. The President-Elect is trained and mentored by the current President, with other Executive Council (EC) members providing additional support throughout the term.

The President-Elect supports membership engagement and retention efforts; helps with recruitment of volunteers for committees or communication efforts; and helps the President (with support from the association management service) with planning and logistics for BELS meetings, such as meetings of the EC or meal events for members at the American Medical Writers Assocaition (AMWA) and CSE conferences. The President-Elect serves on the EC, advises the President, and serves as a backup for the President's duties.

In the second and third years in office, the President-Elect assumes the role of President. Specific duties include the following:

  • Overseeing the general management of BELS
  • Acting as the primary liaison with the association management service
  • Setting the dates and agendas of meetings and presiding over the meetings
  • Appointing committee members and non-elected members of the EC
  • Ensuring that the decisions of the EC are carried out
  • Responding to queries (not related to exams) from members and others
  • Representing BELS to the larger scientific and publishing communities

In the fourth year, the President will move into the position of Immediate Past President, supporting and advising the new President while serving a final year on the EC.

Although most BELS business is conducted remotely through email and monthly teleconferences, 2 in-person meetings are held each year, traditionally in conjunction with the CSE conference in the spring and the AMWA conference in the fall.

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